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In the very center is an old temple. The roof has long since blown away and the tall white pillars are cracked with age, two already broken. In the center of the ruined temple is a pool of water that mysteriously stays crystal clear, no matter what. Drinking from the pool will plunge whoever drinks it into slumber, and there they will be visited by their ancestors. This is also where the packs gather each full moon to announce how each of them are doing and report any dangers they’ve seen lurking about. Healers travel here every half-moon to exchange information on illnesses the packs have been dealing with and how to heal them, as well as to ask for guidance from their ancestors if it is needed.

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The river from the mountain eventually winds all the way down to the beach. Sea shells, seagulls, sea fish—there’s a lot to see here. Canines tend to enjoy splashing in the waves and some even swim out a bit. The sand is nice and warm on summer days, and when it’s not too hot it’s not uncommon to see a few canines out sunbathing. Just don’t roll over on a crab, they don’t like to be disturbed!

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Once, long ago, there used to be a tiny settlement of people that lived near here. They made this orchard when they did, and even now the fruit the trees bear each year are gorgeous. With no humans to care for it anymore, though, it grows wild and free. Many animals come to this area to eat the fruit that hangs from the trees, so it’s often a great place to get an easy meal.

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To the south of Sawtooth forest and the west of Limberlost swamp is a road that leads out along a long stretch of wild fields before turning into housing for humans and their pets. Not many canines tend to come here, for even though this road isn’t typically used there always seems to be some dead animal laying on the side of the road. Most only come here if they want to reach the beach at the southeastern edge of the territory, a place many like to go to relax and sometimes fish. And on a more sinister note, when food is scarce, some might eat the roadkill...

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A human town where humans and their pets live.


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