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In the heart of the forest lays the Sawtooth camp, surrounded by bushes that are weaved with brambles except in three spots where the canines can exit. It is rare for there not to be a warrior posted at each entrance, though the Sawtooths are a peaceful pack. Each den is made up of more bushes that have been meticulously shaped to provide large amounts of cover. The hardest of them to get in is the nursery, given a smaller entrance and woven with thorns on the outside to deter creatures like coyotes if they manage to get into camp.

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North of the Sawtooth camp is an old abandoned cottage. It is said the original founder of the Sawtooth Forest Pack lived here with his owner, a lumberjack, and when his owner died he began a pack to ease his loneliness. It has been many years since the founding of the pack, however, so no one is sure if this tale is true. Some believe the house to be haunted by the lumberjack and his dog, to the point it’s become a common place for whelps to dare each other to enter. Thankfully, if it is haunted, the spirits seem friendly.

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West of the cottage and northwest of the camp is a field. There are several trees that have been chopped down and it is suspected that this might have been a patch of land that belonged to the lumberjack. Sometimes whelps come here and try to jump from stump to stump, seeing how far they can leap. There are some young trees in the field as well, though it will take many years yet before they get as big as the trees in the forest. Until then, they will enjoy this field and the mostly unobstructed view across it.

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The forest surrounds the pack on most sides, save for the northwest. There is much to see within the forest, from deer to birds to squirrels and even rabbits sometimes. To the southeast is an old tree that fell many generations ago, its roots still protruding into the air though its leaves have long since fallen. Creatures turned this Fallen Giant into a hollow trunk, which has served the pack well when they need to corner an animal. It’s not quite big enough for a deer, but most medium-sized dogs can fit through without issue. Rabbits especially tend to try to use this to escape.


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